Jeopardy Host in Question

Bo Wyatt' 24, Staff Reporter

Jeopardy, the world-renowned

game show, has recently been caught in a series of scandals regarding the appointment of a new host, tarnishing their pristine reputation. 

Following the untimely death of Alex Trebek in 2020, several individuals have been hired to replace the beloved entertainer, including Mike Richards, Trebek’s direct successor. However, amidst the release of sexist and anti-semetic comments made by Richards at his previous job, along with numerous allegations, he was forced to resign. 

Amaya Amador ’24 said, “Cancel-culture, although often being bad, is justifiable in this situation.” 

Throughout 2013 and 2014, Richards co-hosted the podcast, “The Randumb Show” on which he made several offensive and crude comments against women, Haitians, and Jewish people. 

Additionally, he repeatedly referred to someone with lower stature by a derogatory term. Finally, during Richards time as an executive producer on various shows, he received multiple allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. 

In 2010, Shane Striling, a model who starred on The Price is Right, produced by Richards, sued CBS, whom she believed fired her as a result of her pregnancy. Similarly, Brandi Crochran filed a complaint that she had been wrongfully discriminated against after becoming pregnant. 

Furthermore, in 2011, Lanisha Cole sued Richards for sexual harassment and unjustified releasment. However, none of these claims resulted in punishment, and were either settled outside of court, or were dismissed due to lack of evidence.


English teacher, Kevin Estrada ’00, who made an appearance on Wheel of Fortune, stated “Although I understand that people make mistakes, especially when they are young, Richards made the disparaging comments as an adult. He should know better.” 

Although the few episodes including Richards that aired received mainly positive feedback, these comments and allegations, which came to light after his acceptance of the position on Jeopardy, received mounds of negative coverage. Many condemned Sony Pictures Television for their decision to hire Richards, as the loss of Trebek seemingly opened an opportunity for a replacement that diversified and modernized the legendary trivia show. 

Overall, it’s evident that viewers want genuinely qualified hosts who are thoroughly back-checked, and the former approach to employment within the entertainment industry needs to be improved upon.