‘Dr. Strange’ brings madness to MCU

Talia Bumanglag '24, Staff Reporter

  The theater stands still as Wanda Maximoff encloses herself beneath the rocks from Mount Wundagore, destroying the last copies of the ancient Darkhold with her, and the screen fades to black. 

Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness, one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2022, has finally hit the big screen and fans are still recovering from this eerie gore-filled film. 

        What started off as an action packed Marvel film, delved deep into the psyche of Wanda Maximoff and posed a question of self examination for Dr. Strange. This is not only the MCU’s first dive into the vast multiverse, but also the start of a bigger picture to be imagined. 

        The story follows variants of Dr. Strange’s and Wanda Maximoff’s, America Chavez, and Wong in their multiversal fight where one must choose between obtaining their ultimate happiness at the cost of other’s lives or giving up their dream. 

        Though this movie was filled with intense and classic Marvel fight sequences and humor, there are  deeper metaphorical themes and character arcs that drew the audience in.

        Wanda’s trauma is the forefront of her pain and though her actions are justified, her desire to have her kids back will not stop her from destroying anything in her path. Viewers are led to question Strange’s methods as a hero through the perspective of Wanda’s quest, and they witness the hypocrisy between the two superheroes. 

        Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen give outstanding performances and received an abundance of praise online. Olsen’s portrayal of Wanda in this movie is powerful. Her line delivery and expressions make this arguably one of her best works. Cumberbatch captured the arrogance and charm of each variant but was able to make each personality distinctly different. 

        A beloved new character was introduced as well. America Chavez, played by Xochitl Gomez, is a young Latina superhero who is a part of the lgbtqia+ community and has the power to travel through the multiverse. Her relatability and what she represents makes her a new favorite for viewers as well. 

        One of the most enjoyable parts of this movie is the stunning visuals and creative effects. Sam Raimi’s signature horror touches were prevalent in the movie and made this the first ever horror marvel movie. It’s definitely unlike your typical action driven superhero movie, but it still has that aspect along with many other trademark details from Raimi’s scarier style that makes this memorable.

        The first movie in comparison to this shows the directorial difference between Scott Derrickson and Raimi’s style, but what both have in common is the extraordinary detail in every frame in both movies. This sequel is packed with beautiful visuals similar to the first Dr. Strange, but the tone’s are fairly different.

        As phase four of the MCU begins to ramp up, every new project leaves us guessing and wanting more. Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness perfectly bridges the choices of sacrifice and obtaining one’s happiness, and is a movie for all to enjoy and witness the growth of Marvel.