Chris P’s Corner, CON: Name change trend arrives in San Francisco with mixed reviews:

Chris Peterson '18, Photo Editor

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“Those people shaped our history, whether people would like to admit it or not. We need to remember that, and we need to live with the fact that it happened.”

The city of San Francisco is a progressive and forward thinking city that always looks to better itself in incorporating everyone, but sometimes that way of thinking is completely invalid.

As I’ve said, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors make questionable decisions and slowly destroying this beautiful city of ours. The history and beauty of this city are getting completely ravaged by these outsiders who only wish to ruin our city.

It has affected me as a city goer because they are changing what made this city different and not one of the norm. This city was the odd sibling out, the one who instead of doing sports went into dance. It was that flashy noticeable city that stood out amongst the concrete skyscrapers that pierce through the skyline. Our differences made us special, and though some might not acknowledge it, it’s difficult to have such strong strides without those people that just pushed us over the edge and gave us that kick in the rear.

Namesareimportant;theyhave history. Without acknowledging what was here before us, we grow up more ignorant than those who came here before us. Former Mayor Willie Brown’s comments about renaming the historical monument of Lotta’s Fountain to honor the late mayor Ed Lee is ridiculous. Of course, Ed Lee was a good man, but there is no reason to change something that I believe is even more important than him to fit the agenda of making everything forward thinking. There might be names that don’t fit well with everyone and isn’t exactly from the nicest roots, but those names are the ones that need to be remembered. If you take away everything that has a negative past or a bad connotation to it, then what’s the point of knowing anything? It’s important to keep knowledge of what has happened so that it doesn’t repeat. As George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Those people shaped our history, whether people would like to admit it or not. We need to remember that, and we need to live with the fact that it happened. Denying things that have happened is not only negatively hurting us, but making us all desensitized about what has happened and is merely accentuating the problem. Changing everything to not be offensive and making things all politically correct is hurting us by taking away our individuality. Being different and hitting people’s nerves are a part of our lives, and without that, we would be so hurt by the tiniest of things.

Changing names is by nature not good. Now, I’m not saying that getting rid of the names of dictators and those who commit genocide is not justified, but getting rid of those who haven’t done everything right is completely idiotic. Stop ruining our rich history and what made us get to where we are today.