Seniors take annual panorama photo


Lizandro Munoz '22

Seniors begin to take class photos

Jamar Kittling '20, News Editor

On Friday, October 4, the Riordan senior class united to take their panoramic as the class of 2020.  

Accompanying the date of the Saint Francis Mass and the Junior Ring ceremony, the seniors were released at 2:10, 10 minutes early from their block three class to take their panoramic photo as Riordan’s graduating class.

The first photo was taken at the entrance of the school, with the seniors lined up on the main steps facing the front office. The shot was overseen by Student Activities coordinator Joey Klobas ’07.

The process of taking the photo went over schedule, continuing after school has ended. The other classes were not allowed on the courtyard and forced to go through other exits. 

Afterward, the seniors proceeded to take their signature “20” photographs in the courtyard, where the entire class aligned in the shape of their graduating year. The entire operation was completed in 40 minutes, showcasing both the occasional rowdiness and brotherhood of Archbishop Riordan’s graduating class.