Russi rocks annual Frosh Olympics


Antonio Maffei ’20

Representatives from every house participated in a massive game of musical chairs as part of the annual Frosh Olympics competition.

Massimo Hoffmann ’20, Staff Reporter

On Friday, Aug. 30, in the Riordan gym, new bonds were formed within the freshman class at this year’s Frosh Olympics.

As hundreds of upperclassmen spectators led into the gym to watch their freshmen successors, many of them knew it meant more than a few games. In addition to being a fun way to introduce students to Riordan, it also serves as a way to get accustomed to the school’s culture.

Freshmen competed against each other in Houses, squaring off in various games such as a plastic cup pyramid knockdown, athletics race, and musical chairs. One of the later events included an arm-wrestling match between the Dean of Students Juan Zumbado ’98 and the Crusader mascot.

Instead of being just another rally, it turned into something that students at Riordan cherish, and jump-started the newest class into their high school career. As the Class of 2023 embarked on an exciting journey that may set up their path for life, the Olympics were there to remind them that it’s okay to have fun, and do not grow up so fast.

When students walked in, they heard the echoes of the band playing at full steam, and the exuberant crowd ready to cheer for the freshmen representing their house.

This year, Frosh Olympics was held during school hours, which helped raise involvement and show the Class of 2023 that all students are brothers, and support each other every step of the way. After a series of games, the houses were awarded points, scored out of 100, and it was a close one. Russi took the win at 100 points with Bolts following behind at 90, Pilar at 80, and last but not least, Cana at 70. Even though one house remained victorious, all houses walked away with something gained.

“To me, it felt like something that can make the bond between us freshmen closer,” said Jordan McQueen, a participant.

In this way, the freshmen got a glimpse of what Riordan is all about, brotherhood.