New charging stations re-charge parking lot


Jordan Noeuku ’21

The Riordan parking lot includes spaces for electric cars to re-charge.

Massimo Hoffmann ’20, Staff Reporter

Archbishop Riordan is ditching purple and gold for green. Well, not entirely.

There are six new electric car plug-ins available and ready for use in the parking lot by the gym. By taking this new initiative, staff members or those who are visiting for a sports game on our new Mayer Field or Crusader Forum are able to plug in their vehicles as they go about their business at Riordan.

Electric cars are looked at as the future and electric parking plug-ins have been popping up all over the country: in parking lots near big stores, malls, and in many other convenient locations.

Most vehicles that use electricity this way are mostly hybrids that are a gas/fuel combo.

The parking spaces with plug-ins at Riordan hope to save visitors or staff members a few dollars by offering a space to all with hybrid/electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles in use are expected to grow from 3 million to 125 million on the road by 2030, which is 41 times the amount currently on the road. Electricity is the future and it aims to reduce emissions put into the climate by gas guzzling vehicles.

One Tesla owner, Audio Visual teacher Viggen Rassam ’87, however, does not see any bene tsfrom having a charging station at school for himself.

“The plug-ins do not make my life easy because I do not use them,” said Rassam.

While the plug-ins are free and easy to use, for people like Rassam, it serves no purpose because they have their own plug-ins at home.

Although it’s in its early stages, the plug-ins show a new initiative for Riordan, and in a world where everyone is concerned with the climate, every little bit helps, especially when giving employees another reason to drive their electric cars to work.