High school BSUs collaborate to clean up Ocean Beach


Photo by The Crusader Staff

Members of Riordan’s Black Student Union joined with other BSUs from San Francisco and the peninsula to clean up trash from Ocean Beach last month, collecting dozens of bags of garbage.

Jordan Maralit ’21, Editor-in-Chief

On March 6, the Black Student Union collaborated with Summit Shasta to help clean up Ocean Beach.

BSU invited different high schools in San Francisco, which included students from Galileo, St. Ignatius, and Sacred Heart Cathedral to help with the clean up, and more than a dozen students participated, picking up bags of trash.

This event’s significance is not only to keep the environment safe, but also to build and form communities.

Riordan’s BSU formed a coalition with other high schools with the common purpose of showing appreciation for the environment and community.

Co-Student officer, Jordan Noeuku ’21 said, “In collaboration with the City Wide BSU of San Francisco, a community give back was organized by young leaders from various schools in the Bay Area and beyond in order to provide the needy, especially the homeless community with essential products and warm food. This was in order to show love and support to our community and all those in need. Reminding them that we are here to support them. Proceeding with such initiatives the executive members of our BSU intend to promote such acts of kindness for the community throughout our schools and encourage our peers to join the movement as prominent collaboration might possibly come out. 

He added, “I believe the next general will continue our mission of giving back to the community. Taking care of our environment is the least we can do to show our love for our planet. As our collaboration with Shasta High School extend or not, I believe the next leadership of our BSU will carry along and continue the work we started for the years to come.”