Shaws reopens to flavorable reviews


Edward McDonald '23

Shaws, which closed last year, recently opened under new management.

Andrei Lynch '22, Technology Editor

In 2021, The newly remodeled Shaws candy and ice cream parlor opened its doors again under new management, who remodeled the store located at 122 West Portal. 

Last year, The Crusader reported that Shaws closed. This year, Diana Zogaric, the owner, decided to remodel and buy the ice cream parlor from the previous owners and spent some time in construction 

The owner’s story on construction starts with, “Construction was crazy.”

She continued, “It took six months. In August when I bought Shaws, I thought I could just move some things around and open two weeks later. But, as the workers were taking the window ledge out, one of them fell through the floor (only a few inches, he wasn’t hurt) and they realized that the building had structural issues. It took three months for them to address that before they could remodel the inside.” 

After all the construction was finished, the business was set to reopen on Jan. 18, but then a problem came about: they had no ice cream from their suppliers, Mitchells, for two weeks. 

The store is like the original store, with the ice cream and other nice treats. The differences include coffee and vegan chocolate. The store’s interior was remodeled, and it has a swing in the back and tables inside. 

Having reopened during the pandemic, Shaws follows the rule’s guideline of only two groups at a time in the store. They also enforce social distancing and mask-wearing. For those who don’t go outside, they can deliver to your house. 


Edward Mcdonald ’23

Students responded favorably to hearing Shaws reopened.

Will Haskel ’22 said, “I was super excited to hear they bought it because I knew that Shaws would be in good hands. I have not been to Shaws yet, but I know it has been remodeled and I hear it looks great.” 

Hayden Peregrino ’21 said, “I thought it was great because I was happy for my friend and that’s a piece of childhood that was able to stay open.” 

Michael Vezzali-Pascual ’88, a senior English teacher who went to the original Shaws, said,  “I actually did not know that it reopened until I read your email! I am so happy to hear that! I have not been to the new store yet.” 

Edward McDonald ’23


Shaws reopened the doors, however, its neighbor, the Empire Theater, closed down. The impact to Shaws is that they cannot bring their food into the movie theater.   

Shaws is open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 8:30pm and Sundays from 11am to 7pm. 

Zogaric said, “People should choose Shaws because it’s a family-owned, small business and we take pride in serving our community.”

Shaw’s  website is: