Dozen new teachers added to accommodate increased enrollment


Charles Chu ’24, Staff Reporter

Riordan hired a total of 16 new teachers and staff members for the 2021-2022 school year, ranging from core subjects to the RSP department. These new hirings come as previous teachers and staff retire, while the school expands in population.

Fresh faces at Riordan are a pleasant addition. Students often notice the energy and enthusiasm that new staff members bring. One student at Riordan felt a clear difference with his new teachers. 

“New teachers are often more understanding and accommodating,” said Zaheer Young ’24.

The new teachers have had a good initial experience at Riordan. Overall, the welcome has been very warm from students and staff alike. Staff have offered help, and students have checked in.

Danielle Jow, a new religion teacher at Riordan said, “I’ve had a very warm welcome, the staff is very supportive and genuine. Many teachers have asked how things are going and offered to help.”

Jackie Grealish, a social science teacher at Riordan, echoed this sentiment. “I’ve been welcomed with a lot of support, the community is very welcoming.”

Many new teachers also notice the strong family spirit of Riordan. The community of students, staff, and alumni is very powerful. 

Mike McGarry, a new math teacher, said, “The family spirit of Riordan is outstanding, from the teachers and staff to the students themselves.”

I’ve been welcomed with a lot of support, the community is very welcoming.”

— Jackie Grealish, new social science teacher

He also noted, “The alumni presence at Riordan is also quite impressive, especially all of the alumni who return to work at Riordan.”

New teachers at Riordan are also enjoying getting to know students outside of the classroom. There is a common sentiment that Riordan brings about a more personal connection between the students and educators. 

Jow said, “My favorite part so far has been getting to know students, and expressing who I am as a teacher.”

Grealish echoed this message, “My favorite part about Riordan so far has been getting to know people, seeing students and teachers outside of the classroom, and the hybrid job I have.”

Lastly, the new teachers at Riordan have been impressed with the development of character among students. Not only does Riordan educate in the sense of course material, Riordan develops students into full outstanding members of society, and creates good citizens. 

McGarry concluded, “Riordan succeeds in the mission of educating the whole person, which I am impressed with.”