Maxwell convicted of trafficking young women


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Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of aiding Jefferey Epstein’s ring of sex trafficking young women.

Jake Beeman '24, Staff Reporter

Many are familiar with the infamous and widely despised Jefferey Epstein, high profile alleged perpetrator of some of the most vile and reprehensible crimes in recent years. However, fewer are aware of his close associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was recently convicted for her involvement in Epstein’s actions. 

According to CNN, she was convicted on five counts for her involvement in transporting victims to Epstein with the knowledge of his large scale, organized child abuse. The case included harrowing testimonies from a variety of victims about the abuses they faced at the hands of Maxwell and others. 

Maxwell’s conviction, while important towards the pursuit of justice for the victims, is but a first step in the long march towards vindication for all who were scarred in these crimes. 

Maxwell, though immensely involved, was by no means the only person participating in Epstein’s operations, according to news sources. 

“The scope is pretty massive. He was a very well connected man, he had many pictures with many prominent figures around the world,” said Cory Nelson, Riordan Social Science Department Chair. 

Allegations of involvement do root far into high society, with even Prince Andrew of England being mentioned with allegations of his involvement in Epstein’s crimes. 

However, some feel that even if they are guilty, the extremely rich and powerful people who were allegedly involved with Epstein will not face consequences due to their influence, as was the sentiment expressed by Dennis Polyak ’22. 

“World leaders will look out for world leaders, no one is going to get arrested,” he said. 

World leaders will look out for world leaders, no one is going to get arrested

— Dennis Polyak '22

While there may be truth in such an outlook, prosecutors and survivors are steadfast in their determination to seek all who were involved in these crimes, and hope that justice will prevail.