Riordan rolls out red carpet for first coed prom


Nataly Anzueto ‘22, Staff Reporter

Prom season has arrived, and Riordan’s first coed prom lit up and welcomed the Class of 2022 on the red carpet to their last prom. 

This year’s prom was held at the Social Hall on Saturday, May 14. Single tickets were priced at $115, and the cost per couple was $230. The ticket included buffet-style meal, a photo booth with downloadable pictures, and three hours of music and dancing.

Some students had mixed opinions about the way prom was set up they tried to make the most of it. James Sanchez ’22 was glad his class ended up having a prom this school year. “Prom definitely could have been better,” he said. The food was okay, the music could have been much better, and maybe if we also had the juniors come in as well it would’ve been better with more people.”

This was Alyssa Rodriguez-Iniguez ’22 first time attending Riordan’s coed prom; because of the pandemic, Riordan didn’t have a prom last year. 

“It is cool being one to represent this year, with it being the first coed Riordan prom” she said. “ Prom was fun and I was definitely looking forward to dancing and taking pictures at the Photo Booth with friends!”