The Shield magazine to debut in December


Joseph Zuloaga '23

Artist Vee Chen ’25 and Editor-in-Chief Angelina Ning ’23 display Chen’s logo design for The Shield.

Joseph Zuloaga ’23, Editor in Chief

Breaking News. The Crusader announces the creation of a new multimedia magazine called The Shield

After 70 years of covering breaking news stories, spanning from the hallways of Riordan to many corners of the world, The Crusader is expanding its coverage with the addition of The Shield.

The first Editor-in-Chief of The Shield Angelina Ning came up with the idea last year. 

“I pitched it to Ms. Susan Sutton, after seeing some magazines from other schools, saying we could also do that, and the administration approved.”

The Shield is another venue for students to display their talents in the form of writing and art,” stated Sutton.


The Shield will be different from The Crusader as it will seek to provide more variety of stories than the ones presented on the newspaper

Ning stated, “The Shield is a magazine, it’s also more of a creative multimedia thing rather than just news stories. We have more freedom of layout and production, it will only come out twice a year, our stories are longer and different, more photos, and videos.”

It looks to attract a wider audience that have a love for more features, arts and entertainment and multimedia content. 

Art will also be an important part of the look of The Shield. Graphic artist Vee Chen ’25 didn’t expect the creation of The Shield and is excited for this new creative medium. 

They stated, “I am very glad [The Crusader] is making an artist-centered space for our school to showcase our students’ talents.”

Chen hopes people will “feel inspired by what is in The Shield to create their own art.” 

“I’m excited about people’s reactions and the payoff of everyone’s hard work,” remarked Ning. 

With this opportunity, I hope more students will recognize their artistic side and share it with our Riordan community,” added Sutton.

The inaugural issue of The Shield will be released in December.