Library renovation booked for this summer


Joseph Zuloaga '23

Students and teachers use the library to study, work, or hold office hours.

Jameson Datoc '23, Photo Editor

The Library. A place with brand new tables and chairs. A place with the latest computers and software. Where students walk in with great big smiles. A quiet place with books galore, and for a student back in 1997, a student sanctuary forevermore.

This summer, the Riordan Library will be renovated once again to bring the full high school experience to a new generation of students.

The library is a secure and quiet learning environment for reading and studying. It’s a place where clubs hold meetings and where some teachers hold office hours. But as the student body continues to grow, it became clear that the school is in need of a renovated and updated library.

“It’s about time they updated the library,” stated Chris Enriquez ’23. “This was long overdue.”

It will become a place with new furniture that is comfortable and mobile and new books that are up to date.”

— Vice President of Advancement Simon Chiu

Once approved by President Tim Reardon, the project was then taken up by Danny Appel, the school librarian, and the English Department, who formulated the new ideas that encompass an academic vision for the new library.

“One idea was a device loaner program where if a student forgot their iPad they could check one out from the library and return it when the day was over,” said English teacher Brian Kosewic ’16, who spearheaded the idea to get students and teachers more involved in the planning.

Some other ideas also include a poster printer where students can print large posters for class projects and moving the school archives to the library so students can look through old yearbooks and Riordan memorabilia that can be used for history projects.

But that’s not all. The library will also be remodeled to create a more 21st century dynamic while keeping true to its classic features. “The library will be remodeled to a library and a learning center,” stated Vice President of Advancement Simon Chiu. “It will become a place with new furniture that is comfortable and mobile and new books that are up to date.”

The library renovation will include the addition of two classrooms. (Jameson Datoc ’23 )

Additionally, the new library/learning center will most likely get rid of all of the desktop computers and possibly transform them to study spaces or repurpose them to create more classrooms.

As of now, nothing has been finalized, but Riordan can look forward to a renovated Library, possibly by next school year.

“I’m excited and a little jittery about the renovations,” said Appel. “Change is always exciting but sometimes nerve-wracking.”

Jadon Leung ’23 said, “I think the library has a lot of potential. It can change to a space where people can work and focus and study.”