Engineering program cruises into second year

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Engineering program cruises into second year

Roly Lo ’21, Staff Reporter

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The engineering program is a four year, project based course at Riordan, teaching its students many practical skills useful for a technologically advanced future.

The program, which started two years ago, is very broad,covering many different fieldssuch as computer-aided design, 3Dprinting,lasercutting,graphic design, programming on several platforms, circuitry, and robotics. A student will take two courses per year.

“It’s exposing them to different areas early on so they can make informed choices,” said engineering instructor William Marafao.

To enroll, a student must join as a freshman. Admissions are based on seventh and eighth grade math and science grades, ability to handle a rigorous course load, and an interest in engineering.

Currently, there are 17 returning sophomores and 34 freshmen in the engineering program.

“It’s fun. It’s really fun,” said Andrew Chang ’21. “I’ve been interested in engineering since primary school.”

Considering San Francisco’s location in the Bay Area and proximity to Silicon Valley, notable for its computing and electronics industries and home for many start-ups, today’s youth have a lot of exposure to technology, especially with the internet.

Their presence and potential for the future could be invaluable for the face of technology and engineering.

There are many opportunities for those involved in engineering, considering how many types of engineers exist. From research and development, reaching new horizons, and improving life, there are countless possibilities.

Marafao said, “At least they tried something new, tried something different.”