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Kavanaugh named to SCOTUS

Owen Murphy ’19, Editor in Chief

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The United States Senate confirmed the appointment of another Supreme Court Justice. The highest court in the land has filled its second vacancy of the Trump administration with the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump on July 6. His nomination angered many Democrats who were fearful of Kavanaugh’s views on Roe v. Wade, while Republicans were supportive because of those views. Despite the reservations of the Democrats, Kavanaugh’s confirmation was initially expected to pass through the senate very quickly because of the Republican majority both in the Senate and the Senate Judicial Committee.

Republicans in the judicial committee tried to expedite Kavanaugh’s passage through the process, likely in hopes of increasing party support ahead of the midterms. Democrats criticized Republicans for these actions and called for an unrestricted process.

Committee and Senate approval of Kavanaugh was guaranteed by Republican control, until allegations against Kavanaugh were made public by Democratic members of the Judicial Committee. Christine Blasey Ford, a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University, made claims that Kavanaugh committed acts of sexual misconduct against her while drunk in high school.

Ford eventually agreed to testify before the committee after Republicans acquiesced to some of her requests. On Sept. 27, she testified before the committee. Her hearing seemed extremely emotional and heartbreaking for many, even many Republican Senators described it as “credible.”

This view, however, was not shared by all, as many in the country felt she may be a political agent rather than a genuine accuser. Ford’s testimony was followed by testimony from Kavanaugh, which was characterized by outrage over what he claimed were false accusations made to defame his character.

The process climaxed with the announcement of an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh after Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) brought his vote for Kavanaugh into question should an investigation not take place. Ultimately, the investigation was performed quickly, leaving many uncertain as to its effectiveness.

After the investigation, the Republican majority of the Judicial Committee approved Kavanaugh. This was quickly followed by confirmation on the senate floor, passed by Republicans along party lines.

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Kavanaugh named to SCOTUS