Riordan’s winter weather report

Antonio Maffei ’20, Meteorologist

Happy December, Crusaders! Meteorologist Antonio Maffei here with some exciting updates as well as your upcoming forecast. First, a somber yet exciting announcement: Antonio’s Weather Info is no more, as a deal has been made with The Weather Channel! And after four years in the works, a project which I’ve been the president of is finally coming out! You’ll hear a lot more in the next issue of The Crusader!

But, here’s your weather forecast. We have recently been seeing a whirlwind of weather from horrible air quality to strong storms. So what’s next? Based on the Cumulus Model, I think we’ll continue to see a strong jet stream heading into California throughout the rest of December, and it looks like at the end of December towards Christmas and New Year’s we will begin to see stronger storms with heavy rain, wind and snow. Then, after the first of the year, towards Jan. 8, we will see drier and warmer weather as the jet stream moves to the north and the high pressure ridge builds back.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Crusaders!