Ramsey assumes new role at Riordan


The Crusader Staff

Head Varsity Baseball Coach Brandon Ramsey is now Head of Facilities and Maintenance at Riordan.

Danilo Herger ’20, Health and Technology Editor

Riordan students and staff began to see a familiar face around campus more often at the beginning of the spring semester, with the hiring of Varsity baseball coach Brandon Ramsey as Head of Facilities and Maintenance.

Before, he was the assistant to Scott Rea, who left in December. With this additional job, Ramsey now has to put in much more hard work, while still managing the baseball team.

As part of his job duties, he responds to tasks ranging from changing light bulbs to fixing desks. Some major projects include intensive maintenance to the baseball field, which includes cutting the grass and preparing the field after rainfall. This will no longer be an issue, however, after the new turf field is installed this summer.

Another major project was restoring the wall above the downstairs bathroom.

Diego Tzaj ’21 noticed how well maintained the school is at all times. “It seems like whenever a desk breaks it is fixed by next class,” he said. “It is nice to go to a school that cares about not only the students’ safety, but their well being. The landscape is always kept, and is always a refreshing touch.”

Coach Ramsey said, “The biggest challenges would be paying attention to the small details.”

In response to the weirdest or most complex part of the job, Ramsey said, “Definitely the boiler,” referring to the busted boiler in December. “Everything was above water. Down there was a Santa, so there was a Santa floating, looking at you.”