School launches state-of-the art website


Grayson Salomon ’22, Staff Reporter

The Riordan website got a fresh, new upgrade.

This fall, the Crusader website got a new design, with new features and plenty of items to see, according to Victoria Terheyden, Director of Communications.

“I think this site will show who we are as a people and as a school community,” said Terheyden, who has been working on the website for about four months now.

This is the fourth time the Riordan website has seen a new design, with the last time being about three years ago. A redesign of a website usually happens every three to five years. This year, there are a wide variety of new features with the new website, which includes lots of new visuals, such as animations and videos.

It is also more friendly and easier to navigate than in previous years. A major feature is the all-new translate feature. This feature allows the entire website to be translated into a multitude of different languages ranging from Mandarin to Spanish. This feature will make it easier for foreign students and parents to keep up on what’s new around campus.

One big improvement is the calendar. With the upgrade, it is now color-coded and way smoother to use than previous years. Another feature is the map. This purple and gold map shows all the countries students and faculty have lived in to show how diverse the community is.

These are just a few of the features that have been integrated into the website and students like the new website due to its more organized look and how user-friendly it is.

Marcellus Edwards ’22 said, “My favorite feature of this new Riordan website is how organized it is. It gives more information while still looking good and running fluently.”

Santino Woo ’22 stated, “It shows what Riordan is all about.” Everyone likes this new website and seems to prefer this version instead of the previous one.

Edwards added, “I think the new Riordan website is great. It’s good to see how Riordan is constantly improving.”