Cafeteria brings appetizing upgrades to the table


Antonio Maffei ’20

Epicurean now uses My School Bucks as a payment for snacks at munch and meals at lunch.

Elijah Calip ’22, Staff Reporter

After a long summer break, school was finally back in session in August, and students were greeted by lots of changes to the cafeteria.

Chaminade Hall had definitely changed from last year. One of the major changes is the moving of microwaves for the new refrigerators, sponsored by Deja Blue. Students see the refrigerators as an improvement, due to its diverse selection of drinks at reasonable prices.

The new drinks include Gatorade, Hansen’s Natural Soda, 7Up, and more. The refrigerators also hold a new item on the school’s menu: Cold Take Away. This new part of the menu has a Signature Sandwich that could be bought with a drink for just about $7.00.

The next change is the transition to My School Bucks as the new payment for lunches. My School Bucks has its own app that makes it easier to obtain purchases, meal balances, and allows students, staff, and teachers to make payments from the touch of a phone. It also offers benefits such as support, low balance alerts, security, and especially helpful, automatic payments.

Furthermore, the addition of My School Bucks has made it easier for students to transfer paper money into digital money. Instead of going to the Prep Shop to add money like last year, students can transfer money directly to the cashier. Having an easier payment method has definitely improved the cafeteria for the staff and for the students.

The new changes to the cafeteria have garnered positive and negative feedback from students.

John Kosewic, ’22, stated, “I feel like the cafeteria changes have been positive. However, on some days, the quality of the food is either good or bad. But on the days the cafe food is good, I like it.”

Tyler Chan ’22 said, “I feel that the introduction of My School Bucks has made lines go faster.”

With the new changes in the cafeteria, the Crusaders are hopeful that their favorite part of the day will continue to be just that.