Weather report

Antonio Maffei ’20, Social Media & Online Editor

  Hey Crusaders! I’m Campus Meteorologist Antonio Maffei with another weather report! This month we’re going to be taking a look at what’s happening for winter. Winter is a very unpredictable time for Bay Area weather as we could be either warm and dry or cool and wet. Lately it’s been very challenging forecasting the weather due to the fact that the weather models aren’t agreeing with one another. This is rare but when this occurs, I like to take all the models and come up with an average as a forecast. My winter forecast is that while we will have several significant storm systems filled with gusty winds and pounding rain especially towards the end of December and beginning of January. We will end up being slightly below average for rainfall, this could be unfortunate news for firefighters as dry brush with below average rainfall makes land more easily susceptible to burn.