RSP scores ‘Victor’ with new staff member

Noah David '22, Staff Reporter

Victor Veal grew up and lived in San Francisco his whole life. Being a San Francisco Native, Veal always knew about Riordan, and was always interested in the school. He even wanted to come to Riordan after attending a sports camp during one summer, but ended up going to Lowell High School, where he played various sports, including football.

After high school, Veal attended San Francisco State, where he studied Psychology, and eventually got a degree in special education. Veal then went on to teach mathematics and language arts at Charles Armstrong School in Belmont, which specializes in language-based learning disorders, grades one to eight.

During his time there, he coached basketball, baseball, and track. Although he enjoyed his previous job, Veal applied for his current Resource Specialist Program position once he learned about the opening. Veal recently joined the staff at the beginning of the second semester.

Currently, Veal is having a great time at Riordan, and his transition into the system has been seamless. He described his working environment and fellow staff as relaxed, caring, and very welcoming. Additionally, in terms of the school community, Veal described the student body as close to one another, and having that true sense of brotherhood. He even mentioned that he might coach track or football in the 2020-2021 school year.

Outside of school, Veal loves spending time with his wife and two boys, riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and working out. Overall, Veal has been enjoying his time here at Riordan, and would like to stay here for some time.