Compostable phone covers dial in on environmental sustainability


Ian Martin ‘20, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Protecting the planet from unnecessary waste has become a common objective throughout the world. More and more, people and companies have begun devoting their efforts toward this cause.

One such company is Pela whose mission is to create compostable products that are durable enough to outlast things like plastic products. Pela has been working on compostable phone accessories such as phone and airpod cases. 

These products are called “Pelacases” and they are the world’s first 100 percent compostable phone cases. They break down in the environment without the help of microorganisms. One of the concerns for this product is that people only buy phone cases when they get a new phone, which does not occur often.

Tomizo Callejas ’20 said, “I don’t often get a new phone but it normally takes around four years before I upgrade.”

Plastic is known to be a convenient and durable substance so there are consumer concerns about the durability of the Pelacases.

“These products are meant to be broken down by the environment so how well are they able to stay together?” asked Aidan Horgan ’20.

Pela has developed a durable, bio-based material called “Flaxstic.” At the moment, Flaxstic is only about 45 percent bio-based with the other 55 percent being made from non-renewable resources. Pela aims to create more products in the future that are 100 percent bio based. There are concerns about whether or not making this type of product 100 percent bio-based is even possible with current technology and knowledge.

“It is achievable, but I would rather these phone companies like Apple focus their energy on creating products with more longevity and less obsolescence,” stated Michael O’Brien, AP Environmental Sciences teacher.

Over one billion plastic phone cases are sold every year, and Pela vows to save the waves.