Ring embraces new opportunity at Olympic Club Foundation



John Ring’s impact as Director of Development has been instrumental at Riordan, as many big projects were completed with him at the helm

John McQuaid '22, Staff Reporter

John Ring, Riordan’s Director of Development, has been working to improve the school for five years now. This summer, he planned to move on to serve as the Executive Director of the Olympic Club Foundation.

Ring has been an incredible addition to Riordan’s Administration throughout his years here. He was responsible for making many of the most recent fundraising drives successful, the Maker Space, and new field. He also provided great leadership to the Development Team and offered advice and wisdom to many others at Riordan.

Director of Communications Victoria Terheyden described him as “a collaborative and thoughtful leader.”She said that “he believed that teamwork and hard work were the pillars of success, and backed that up with action.”

Ring stated that he is very proud of everything he accomplished, especially the Field Project, and feels that completing all the tasks laid out when he was hired marks this as the right time for him to go. Ring also made a point of saying that his time at Riordan was exciting and he expects our school to continue to thrive and become “the best coed school in the region.”

In May, he announced that he will remain closely connected to Riordan as a member of the Board.

Ring is excited to be moving on to his new job at the Olympic Club, and he hopes to stay active in the Riordan community as a parent, and possibly more. He is happy with the direction the school is taking and he wants the students at Riordan to know that they should “embrace change and to do everything they can to welcome the young ladies who will come to campus in the fall.”