Mercy donors shift scholarships to Riordan


Paul Totah

Donor Bill Best presents a check to President Dr. Andrew Currier.

Marisa Hamilton ’22, Religion Editor

Three previous Mercy SF donors have transferred $125,000 to Riordan, continuing to provide scholarship money for Catholic high school students.

Since these donors had a connection to the Mercy and Riordan students, they specifically wanted their money to go to student scholarships, instead of campus bills for a closing school. This generous donation will prove beneficial for the Riordan community, as 67 percent of students apply for financial aid.

Bill Best, now a trustee at Riordan and previously at Mercy SF, stated, “I’m so glad Riordan was able to throw a lifeline to the Mercy girls and, at the same time, help Riordan find new and wonderful students.”

He has continued to donate to Mercy SF and Riordan even after his son and daughter graduated from the two high schools. In fact, Mercy’s Ann L. Best Scholarship, named after Bill’s late wife, will also be transferred to Riordan.

One of the donors thinks it is very important to continue giving to the Mercy students as an alumna, according to Riordan’s Development Director, Simon Chiu.

“[One donor] really felt in a lot of ways it saved her life, being able to go to a school like Mercy; getting a great education and meeting good people gave her the structure that she needed. Obviously, she became a good person, a successful person, and to the point now where she can give back.”