Science Department offers new, out of this world class


The Science Department now offers a Space and Earth class.

Maxwell Meadows ’21, Staff Reporter

In a year defined by change,  the Riordan community has embraced it and focused on improving the school and its environment.  

Many people know it’s the first year as Riordan being a coed school, but there is a new, exciting class flying under the radar: the Space and Earth Science class.

The class offers students the opportunity to explore a branch of science never before taught  at Riordan since its founding  in 1949, one concerning the  study behind Earth’s physical development process.  

Those leading the integration of this class, Science Department  Chair Colleen O’Rourke and  science teachers Tony Dunn ’82,  Stephanie Lee, Michael O’Brien,  Julie Stricker-Balistreri, and Brian Tuel have worked to ensure  this class is taught in a way that  makes learning fun and puts  students in position to succeed.