No Hate BMX Tour entertains while deflating bullying


Angelina Ning '23

Stunt riders for the No Hate BMX Tour pause at the top of the ramp to receive cheers after completing several amazing tricks.

Brendan Birmingham ’23, Staff Reporter

The No Hate high school tour put on a show at Riordan on March 24. With their cool flips and BMX tricks, the No Hate Tour hopes to provide bullying prevention tools to students in a fun and relatable way.

The No Hate Tour is a group of BMX riders who visit high schools across the country in an effort to deliver vital anti- bullying messages to high school students.Thetourisnowinits 21st year and has many celebrity sponsors such as Magic Johnson, Tony Hawk, and George Kittle.

The No Hate Tour seeks to deliver critical bullying prevention tools, techniques and information to students through the energy and excitement of action sports.

Mason Lui ’23 said, “Although we don’t always see bullying in our everyday lives, it is important to be reminded that it happens and how to stop it.”

On Instagram and Twitter, the No Hate Tour shares uplifting messages and quotes from celebrities about their own struggles that they had to go through in life.

During the show, the team pulled off many amazing tricks that had the gym bouncing with excitement. The show was capped off with one member of the crew doing a flip over Dean of Academics Nate Simon ’99, and Associate House Director Jené Morris.

All in all, the No Hate tour was an electric event that entertained the students and offered critical bullying prevention tips.