New teachers, staff join Crusader ranks


The Crusader

At the annual faculty retreat before the school year began, the new teachers and staff members posed for a photo at the Randall Museum. Back row, from left to right: Ernest Li, Bob Harrington, Jack Schindler, Grace Ingersoll, Scott Chiesa, Jack Reardon, Ray Trounday, Alfonso Miranda, and Vance Whipple. Front row: Jennifer Parker, Seamus Lucey, Chrissy McGoldrick,

Bianca Dizon ’24, Staff Reporter

As Archbishop Riordan advances through the academic year 2022-2023, the school introduced 27 new additions to its roster, with 13 teachers and 14 staff. 

Now, students can anticipate meeting fresh faces from the Resource Specialist Program Department and core subjects as they walk through the hallways. 

Each individual—all engendering distinct outlooks of the school’s future, fosters a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere. 

David Canales, a Divisional Counselor for freshmen, said, “They’re new, so am I, so we are going to grow into this together. I get to watch them make mistakes, they get to watch me make mistakes, they get to look and see relatability.”

The new faculty members have also felt overwhelming support from fellow teachers and their students. This sentiment was echoed by Maureen Vera Cruz, an Advancement Associate, when she stated, “I have not met one staff or faculty that has not been willing to help me out or answer a question in a super friendly manner.”

Although the community of Archbishop Riordan will continue growing and adapting to constant change and additions, becoming integrated with the institution and learning the culture will take time. 

Math teacher Ray Trounday said, “With any new environment, there is always a period of adjustment to understand students, staff and ARHS culture but it has been great so far.” 

However, through the support given by the students, parents, and staff, these new members are sure to quickly feel at home in Archbishop Riordan.