Riordan hosts first homecoming dance as coed school

JC Campos '22 and Christopher Murray '22

On Sept. 11, Archbishop Riordan High School hosted its homecoming dance, the first coed school dance since December 2019. 

The dance took place after the homecoming football game, where the Crusaders came out victorious 15-8 against Tamalpais High School, in the school parking due to COVID precautions.

    As students entered the parking lot, the stage was set up with speakers and lights to get the homecoming dance started. 

    While the students entered, they talked about what they were most looking forward to at the homecoming dance.

     Jeremiah Jones ’25 said, “As an incoming freshman I am looking forward to experiencing the homecoming dance with the Riordan community, and getting out of my comfort zone.”

   Ziion Best ’22 said, “I am looking forward to having a good time with my fellow Crusader brothers and sisters tonight.”

    Four Riordan student DJs performed throughout the night, starting off with Angelina Ning ’23 “Lina.TRBL,” then switching over to Aaron Abraham ’22 “DJ Aaron,” followed by Grayson Salomon ’22 “DJ Day$,” and finishing off the night with Justin Samaniego ’22 “Justin Tempo.”

     As the night progressed, students and even faculty members danced and made conversation while listening to the music. Students partied throughout the night as the dance continued on until 9:30 p.m. 

    As students started to leave the dance, a couple of students talked about the experience.

George Tsokas ’22 said, “Overall, it was a great time. There were a lot of people who came to the dance and made it real fun, and the dance lived up to the hype.”

Even though the homecoming rally was canceled, Riordan students made the best out of homecoming by attending the dance.