House of Russi three-peats in 50th Frosh Olympics


Grayson Salomon '22

For the 50th annual Frosh Olympics, the House of Russi came out on top for the third time in a row. House provincials Chris Fern (Cana), Melissa Nagar (Pilar),and Leo Magnaye (Bolts) celebrated with Valerie O’Riordan (Russi) as she proudly holds the trophy.

Juan Carlos Campos '22

The Frosh Olympics was a good time to formally induct the freshmen into the Riordan community and allow them to socialize and engage with their fellow classmates 

The night started off with a Crusader Social as freshmen and their families enjoyed music, carnival games, and food. 

The families then made their way and sat in the stands. The parents were greeted with thundersticks, clappers, and more house color items to show support for their child’s houses. 

Each house was introduced and led by their house representative as parents showed support, cheering and using their thundersticks to make noise.

The house competition began with dodgeball, and continued with activities such as Tug of War, musical chairs, and many more.

The story of King Arthur and protecting the sword was acted out in six different scenes., between games and the roles were played by the student parliament. 

Mahkai Hunt ’23 played King Arthur as he made his voyage throughout the night to visit the four knights of each house to unite them, to promote the four houses under one roof.

The competition was fierce as students showed off all different types of skills throughout the games. 

Pilar’s Jeremiah Jones ’25 showed off his athleticism in his 1 versus 6 comeback win against the Bolts house in dodgeball, an epic performance that will be remembered for years to come. 

When asked what his strategy was he said, “I wanted to play smart and not throw many balls but instead catch the balls that they threw at me.” 

Katelyn Leong ’25, the winner of Musical Chairs for the house of Cana, talked about her experience. “When coming to this school I was excited to make my mark and having that win is a great memory when thinking back on Frosh Olympics.” 

By the end of the night, Pilar and Russi were tied for first place. To decide who would win the Frosh Olympics Trophy it came down to an arm wrestling battle, in which Russi won. 

Coach Willers ’08, who is director of student activities and house system, said, “The Frosh Olympics went really well. It was nice to finally get back to our traditional style of having the parents there. A lot of energy and I feel like the freshmen were really engaged, and the parents got into it which encouraged their students to get into it. Overall it was great!” 

In the end, Russi came out victorious and won their third Frosh Olympics Trophy in a row.