Electric cars charge onto California scene


Jameson Datoc '23

Electric car using newly installed charging station

Jaiden Cherkis ’24, Staff Reporter

Over the last few years, Californians have become accustomed to a new type of car. Electric cars have began to dominate the car market, especially in the Golden State. 

California has put into effect a law that by 2035, the state will no longer allow the sale of gas-powered cars.

This generation of Californians will have to become accustomed to electric powered cars. Some people already have opinions on gas vs. electric.

“I just want to always be able to buy and own gas and diesel cars without restrictions,” stated Sam Philip ’24. 

Many people believe that the government should allow them to have freedom when choosing between gas or electric.

I just want to always be able to buy and own gas and diesel cars without restrictions

— Sam Philip '24

“Tesla’s infrastructure is definitely better than it was a few years ago. Tesla made them easier to access especially in California,” said Felix Chir ’23. 

Tesla built its infrastructure without the government’s help. In the Bay Area, going any direction on any major freeway, one can find a supercharger within miles apart. This is a strong, developed customer support that other larger grandfather automotive companies cannot provide.

Just one week after California’s new law, a heat wave permeated the state. California officials politely asked that electric car owners not charge their cars during the heatwave because the power grid may not have been able to handle it. 

“I think that the infrastructure is not ready for that,” said Digital Video Arts teacher Viggen Rassam, who owns a Tesla.  

California has 13 years to develop a strong and dependable power grid to be able to comfortably allow the ban of sale of gas cars by 2035. In short, the state and its citizens have a long road ahead before reaching its desired destination.